Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy Birthday Maud and Millie

Tomorrow is Maud and Millie's Birthday- they are two!! 
We have had so much improvement since we have picked them up from the dogs home last December, you would not think these are the same dogs.They are confident,..

...relaxed..they love running around in the car and poking their head out of the window...
....they bark (!) - they used to be completely silent...

and they are really developing their own personalities.. Maud the deep thinker.....

the pheasant-chaser,  full of affection, pushy, the independent minded one,
and Millie,
cute,obedient, now slowly getting more affectionate and also demanding cuddles.
Very good at giving you a mighty shove with her nose in your side when she wants to go out .

What fun little personalities they are .

Yes, there are still some problems. They are slowly learning nothing frightening is going to happen when they are put in front of their bowl of food.
Goodness knows what happened earlier in their lives, as they still feel very insecure and threatened about getting fed.But with patience and not making a big deal about it , it is getting better, and lately they even go in sit in front of their bowl when they are hungry.

So here's to Maud and Millie- a very happy Birthday...

.....and many, many more happy years and many happy returns.
These two adorable dogs are from a dogs home, and if you think of getting a dog, please consider re-homing a dog from a home... they all deserve a chance !!
Have a great rest of the week!