Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cosy evenings in

It's luckily getting lighter and lighter in the evenings so we can start nice evening walks again.
But I think however,what the pups love most of all, is, after the walk and the dinner,is the cosy evening in, on the sofa in the study.
There is a lot of playing, throwing of balls that need to be caught, cuddling and trying to cuddle up to the cats going on. If only I wasn't on the computer.A reproachful eye is shot at me.
Although it can be used to catch up on some needed sleep..
But overall, the opinion of the pups is: less blogging, and more playing.
It just makes Maud sad to think of all the time that could be spent playing.
I think their favourite game is our morning "sock game".
I try to put on my socks, and they try to eat the socks.
That's pretty good- and I still win but I guess one day I won't and will have to buy new socks.
But it's worthwhile seeing little doggies smile so what will be will be!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A walk in the field

It was such a glorious country side here in the South West of the United Kingdom, so even though the day was overcast we headed out to strech our legs for a bit.We live right on the edge of a village and can turn left straight into fields and bridle-ways, so the possibilities for walks are endless.
Today we went in the two neighbouring fields.
Here is Millie in full flight.She is developing into a really cheerful little girl, much more extrovert than two monhts ago, when she just arrived.See what a cheerful face !
 All the trees are still bare...
Or at least that is what we thought till we came to the second field..
 Then we saw the witch hazel! Wonderful golden hanging trusses.There are apparently quite a lot of uses for witch hazel which you can read about here.
We checked it out and then on we went.
 There was a lot of running and laughing doggie faces.Here is Maud, with a smiling face.
And here is Millie running and laughing.
Work hard, play hard !
So now - a good rest!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Just a perfect day

It was such a perfect day today that we decided to walk on the common nearby.
It has glorious views and in summer,black cows roam freely even though there is a road right through it.
They amble leisurely across to the other side of the common  or walk along the road and it feels a bit like going on a not-so-wild  safari when they are around .
But as it is still early in the year, the cows are still indoors , and it is doggie and dogwalkers heaven.

We had some pretty happy doggies running around..
And we certainly enjoyed it too.
We explored a bit of a walk away from the common which gave us some wonderful views across the countryside here, and the weather was just fabulous .
It's so nice not to have to walk in the rain for a change!No mud- just sun!
On the way back onto the common we came across some lovely drifts of snowdrops..gorgeous...

 With all the runnng around they were pretty pooped once they were in the car.But they kept an eye on proceeding and did a good job " defending " the car against passers-by when we had to make a quick stop in the village nearby .Maud is keeping a beady eye on anything untoward!
And here's Millie- she was dashing around.
All in all a lovely day- no, - a perfect day for two pups.
So time tonight for a good old snooze.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Maud an Millie are doing very well- enclosed a picture of Maud laughing.
Millie thinks she is a cat like the rest of the pets and has already managed, just like the cats, to jump from the bench in the kitchen right on the table. It was the first time I found a little dog in the middle of my kitchen table, hahaha!!
And yesterday she managed to climb on a chair and then on the sideboard in the hall.
She had managed to walk past this....
 and then past this..
then had managed to stick her head in the lillies and had got the yellow dye form the stamen on the lillies on the whole of the right hand side of her  head and on her back..

No wonder Maud is laughing.......hahaha

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Shiny happy doggies laughing

Well, here above the first picture of Maud smiling.We now have had our pups for a bit more than a month and they are really settling in.
The cage-training has gone splendidly well. No more accidents in the house.What a triumph.I still can't believe what a fantastic help my neighbour has been with her advice and the lending of the cage.
I spend a lot of time with Maud an Millie this week and took them on quite a few walks but their favourite walk seems to be -The Ridge.A fantastic view by the way.
It must be the rabbits holes that they love so much.
and the moles...and that you can run forever..
All in all, it always leaves them pretty pooped.
but very very happy....