Friday, 1 July 2011

Take it easy....

It's been a while since you've heard from Maud and Millie or as we sometimes call them the Maudster and Millicent.We do lots of silly names in this house.Thomasina has become Sinaassen for some reason and she responds to both- see -cats are clever!Or at least they understand treats and things- but so do the two pups.
The last month has been very good for them as I have spent much more time with them.The anxiety levels are going down a lot and no more ( or very seldom ) anxious sprinkling and accidents from Maud.We had that a lot when she first came.Not sure how she was treated before she came to us, but anything would set her off..Trying her to get inside from the garden.. trying to give her her breakfast.. calling her....she would cringe and sprinkle ..I got pretty handy with the wipes and antibacterial sprays.
She is pretty relaxed now.Here she is checking out the rabbit trail on the green this morning .." hmmm!"

"And this smells of rabbit too!"
They have their own routine.
First round of the green:
-Rabbit trail sniffing.
You will only see two bottoms.The rabbits presumably are holding their breath.
They will never forget where the rabbits were earlier..
"This is were the rabbit was last time "..
And this is an activity which can't be curtailed..
"Talk to the hand cause the ear is not listening. "" I can't hear yooooooooo".

Second round of the green :
-Crazy running..
-Obstacle race
And then obviously a rest..
and a cuddle.They have been so good this week and such a solace.The house is a sick bay with my 16 year old cat Gibson being gravely ill with kindey failure.
Such a gorgeous and lovely cat.
They all know and are concerned and in their own way try to say to Gibson " we care about you, are you OK?".And tip-to-ing around the house.Going very carefully to him, not touching, tiptoing away.They know the kitchen, were Gibson is lying is out of bounds .So the walks are a great way of being a bit more cheerful and getting rid of some energy.Having a break.Taking it easy.....Dogs bring your blood pressure down they say..
I don't doubt it for a minute...