Friday, 31 December 2010

A quiet but exciting day

A grey overcast sky was overhead on our first three-field walk. Millie and Maud managed to get one male pheasant flushed out of some shrubbery so trotted home with a contended face of "job well done ", especially after savouring the thousands of wonderful scents they could detect.
They were quite tolerant of the admiration they aroused in the local village but keen to get on and inspect the green which was given the OK.

The other Modern Country Lady Team members, Gibson, Tilda and Thomasina, are clubbing together in the main bedroom and there is a bit of a stand-off at the moment.
Gibson has withdrawn to "his" drawer where he keeps himself to himself when he needs to think.
Two teddybears were gracefully accepted as toys but there was a bit of a disgreement about ownership, so at the moment Maud has two and Millie nil- but this might change.
 I can hear some slight snoring going on,  on the sofa right now of two contented little pups, so we may conclude today was a good day.
 Have a very happy new year.

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