Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter- and 2 dogs equals only one useable arm

Yes, I have certainly made a rod for my own back as far as using the computer is concerned..
And my lap is certainly not really big enough...

But you know, you get pretty handy typing with one arm...

As long as you realise you can simply not use your left arm as two dogs are sleeping on it, you just get on with it.. it all takes a bit longer, but it's pretty cosy...
It's been a good winter with quite a bit of snow which is quite fun..

And I am pleased I bought these coats as it has kept Maud and Millie nice and toasty throughout..
But I think both of them are now quite pleased the snow has gone and Spring has arrived..

Especially now all the blossoms are starting to open

 and the crops are starting to grow..

"mmm interesting .."

Yes, I know, I know.Crops are the farmer's livelyhood and dogs should not be walking around in it.. so I do always chase them out of it...

So here's a very happy Spring and a very happy Easter to you all from a very happy Maud and Millie in the Spring sunshine..

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  1. glad you have had a good winter, the girls are looking beautiful.


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