Friday, 1 April 2011

The first day of spring

The first day of spring and the first dandelion- we are most definitely on our way to spring now!
We had not been for proper walks for a while as I had some knee problems, but I have got myself some new stout walking boots
and pills and heat treatment and it seems to be OK more or less  at the moment so out we went.
There are always loads of things to sniff in the field- I wish I had a sense of smell like a dog!   

Or maybe better not !!
There are still a few pheasants hiding away in the undergrowth..
On the way back we came across this nest- it probably was too early for eggs !!
Just imagine having to have your little chicks in there - it looks so cold and bleak..
On the way back, Millie and Maud loves to play fight- and Millie especially likes to bite Maud in the back leg-
Which usually after loads of chasing and a nice meal, leaves them completely pooped- so then I finally have some time to do their blog!


  1. what a lovely spring walk!

  2. Adorable! Love the pic of them running cute!

  3. Dearest Bea,

    What a cute set of doggies they are. Oh, they behave almost like humans, it is hilarious at times. And IF they are pooped; they completely turn into a pumpkin. You have your evening off.

    Lots of love,



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