Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cosy evenings in

It's luckily getting lighter and lighter in the evenings so we can start nice evening walks again.
But I think however,what the pups love most of all, is, after the walk and the dinner,is the cosy evening in, on the sofa in the study.
There is a lot of playing, throwing of balls that need to be caught, cuddling and trying to cuddle up to the cats going on. If only I wasn't on the computer.A reproachful eye is shot at me.
Although it can be used to catch up on some needed sleep..
But overall, the opinion of the pups is: less blogging, and more playing.
It just makes Maud sad to think of all the time that could be spent playing.
I think their favourite game is our morning "sock game".
I try to put on my socks, and they try to eat the socks.
That's pretty good- and I still win but I guess one day I won't and will have to buy new socks.
But it's worthwhile seeing little doggies smile so what will be will be!


  1. love the fuzzy dog pics, mine don't stay still either, I will be posting some of my own fuzzy dog pics later!

  2. What darling dogs! Thanks for trying to help find a home for little Zippy.

  3. so adorable! :) thanks for sharing! ;))))


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