Saturday, 12 February 2011

Just a perfect day

It was such a perfect day today that we decided to walk on the common nearby.
It has glorious views and in summer,black cows roam freely even though there is a road right through it.
They amble leisurely across to the other side of the common  or walk along the road and it feels a bit like going on a not-so-wild  safari when they are around .
But as it is still early in the year, the cows are still indoors , and it is doggie and dogwalkers heaven.

We had some pretty happy doggies running around..
And we certainly enjoyed it too.
We explored a bit of a walk away from the common which gave us some wonderful views across the countryside here, and the weather was just fabulous .
It's so nice not to have to walk in the rain for a change!No mud- just sun!
On the way back onto the common we came across some lovely drifts of snowdrops..gorgeous...

 With all the runnng around they were pretty pooped once they were in the car.But they kept an eye on proceeding and did a good job " defending " the car against passers-by when we had to make a quick stop in the village nearby .Maud is keeping a beady eye on anything untoward!
And here's Millie- she was dashing around.
All in all a lovely day- no, - a perfect day for two pups.
So time tonight for a good old snooze.

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