Sunday, 20 February 2011

A walk in the field

It was such a glorious country side here in the South West of the United Kingdom, so even though the day was overcast we headed out to strech our legs for a bit.We live right on the edge of a village and can turn left straight into fields and bridle-ways, so the possibilities for walks are endless.
Today we went in the two neighbouring fields.
Here is Millie in full flight.She is developing into a really cheerful little girl, much more extrovert than two monhts ago, when she just arrived.See what a cheerful face !
 All the trees are still bare...
Or at least that is what we thought till we came to the second field..
 Then we saw the witch hazel! Wonderful golden hanging trusses.There are apparently quite a lot of uses for witch hazel which you can read about here.
We checked it out and then on we went.
 There was a lot of running and laughing doggie faces.Here is Maud, with a smiling face.
And here is Millie running and laughing.
Work hard, play hard !
So now - a good rest!

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