Thursday, 13 January 2011

All cosied up

The received wisdom for calming  insecure dogs from a dog's home seems to be , to give them their own safe place, with a basket, blankets, and cuddly toys- so that was the way it was going to be.
Hardly any place to sit with an enormeous cuddly ice-bear twice the size of the dogs themselves- but it seemed to do the trick.
Not sure if I should not give the cats some cuddly toys  as well - there was quite a bit of interest..or maybe they just thought it all super strange..

There was a lot of snorting with laughter , happy faces and play-fighting going on.
And no matter how many teddys you give them, they will always want the one the other had got...o-yes indeed.
So strenghtened by this succes, off I went to get some small bouncy balls for the dogs and some fake mice made of sisal with an exciting feather for the cats- so they would not feel left out this time.But I suppose one should not think in stereotypes.

After recieving their present, they all decided the other fellow's stuff was much more exciting.It was the cats who chased the tennis balls, and the dogs who were running around with the sisal mice...
O, well.... toys are toys!

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  1. I wish someone would invent a dog toy that Boxer's cant eat.

  2. They are having a ball! Looks like they are cozy too. I am glad you joined my party. I see you are new as well. I will be doing a newbie linky party next week Monday, so please join in.
    Also, when you join parties you mention you are joining in on so and so's party, and you link their name to their blog.

  3. Aww they look so happy with their stuffed animals! And no kidding we have many wars at my house over who gets the toys. I buy them all the same thing but whichever toy my oldest has at any given time; is the one the rest want....Dogs! Lol! Vanna

  4. Ohhh... what cute little fur babies! That's funny about the dogs playing with the cats' toys and vice versa.


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