Sunday, 9 January 2011

The binman cometh

The binman cometh- or rather he had been and gone before we realised.
So it was  time , with all the excess Christmas bin bags,  to go and travel to the nearest recycle place.
This is great fun . The amount  of furniture-  perfectly lovely Lloyds Loom's garden chairs- I have got from that place just before it gets chucked on a big pile is amazing.
Luckily Maud and Millie were equally excited.
Car + leads = great excitement.
The place was full of big stern men in tracksuits chucking bin bags, baby strollers and cookers on huge piles- most excellent. A comtemporary Hieronymus Bosch picture but then fun.
At a mile away is a huge strange wasteland with fir trees and rabbit holes and vole dwellings.
I have never seen two dogs run around so fast and so happily.

Investigating was taken very seriously.
So it was no surprise they slept like a log once they were back.
Toys are being swapped and pinched from each other then cuddled up to for a big pre-dinner snooze.
Not a bad day.

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