Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A wintry walk

It was cold and dark when we set out for a late afternoon walk, with crisp ice cracking under you feet.
Millie and Maud raced like two small hyperspeed trains the hills up and down , excited by all the smells and the cackling of the pheasant who were just starting to stettle down for the evening.
The pheasant pen was deserted, the birds kept wisely to the trees .

There is a long stretch of land between the woodlands , as far as the eye can see , all brown plowed land- perfect for getting some nice muddy feet and sinking in.The going was pretty hard over it, so soon  both Millie and Maud stuck to the path instead as there was still enough excitement in the reeds where loads of field mice had left their scent.
  It was dark pretty quickly, as it is still so early in the year, so it was back to a roaring fire and a good rest.
Humans are pretty good recliners by the way...

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