Thursday, 20 January 2011

Games and walks- the big Ridge

It was lashing it down with rain when we struggled up the big Ridge this weekend-such a great view once you're at the top -  and this is when it's great to have a dog ( or two ).. you would never in a million years go out if you would not have to walk your dog in some weather- but then when you do, and you get through the first " O goodness this is pretty cold/wet/windy"- it's actually very enjoyable and you start to enjoy it almost as the dogs..
Maud and Millie raced up and down and were eventually soaked through, as we were, but it was worth seeing their happy faces while they were running like crazy..the big Ridge lived up to it's expectations after all.
Magnificent view, magnificent experience.
And so nice to be back inside by the fire !!
A new game was developed by Maud.
Take the ball...
Drop it off the sofa......jump off, fetch the ball and...

Jump on the sofa  .
Then drop the ball off again...great fun.Who would have thought you could get so much enjoyment out of a simple little ball??

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