Sunday, 2 January 2011

Decaying grandeur and rabbit droppings extravanganza

There is an ancient forest near where we live, and it was time to explore this with Maud and Millie.
The bracken was not as glorious as in autumn after the snow and frost had taken it's toll, but still exciting enough with endless possibilities of flushing out pheasants, rabbits and deer.
The forest is part of a big estate which is "to be developed" ( God save us )  into a golfcourse for some conglomerate, but at the moment it is safe enough and in just the right kind of decaying grandeur.
Maud and Millie went wild with excitement.This is definitely the sort of place where they want to be.
Past some supposedly electric fencing which was luckily switched off, they had a great time chasing each other around.
What joy is there is to be had from the happiness of two little dogs!They reached some staggering speeds and I am sure would have given a greyhound a run for his money!
The best thing about this wide meadow was for free- endless rabbit droppings.
Why dogs consider this a delicay I will never know.But it was the best part of the day for them.

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