Friday, 7 January 2011

Happiness for a little doggie is sleeping upside down...

It's been a couple of exciting few days for Maud and Millie.
First there was the visit of the German best friend of Modern Country Lady.Champagne flowed and the kitchen was filled with lots of loud laughter.
Sometimes a bit too much laughter for little dogs who want to have a nap.
Then the next day, there was a long visit to the grandparents.Maud and Millie assisted grandpa with his healthier lifestyle by jumping right on top of his paper- because they know it is much better for him to go out for a walk.
It's not us who take the dog for a walk, but the dog who takes us out!!
Then today, they met lots of other dogs at the dogwalker's house which was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.
All in all, it has been pretty tiring.
for Maud.
and for Millie.
Tiring but fun.The cats are split in two camps- Gibson and Thomasina have retired to two separate drawers in the cupboard and keep themselves to themselves, and Tilda struts the corridors with the two pooches and holds amiable conversations with them: three little shapes in white and black and orange chatting away.
And Maud is resting like a real terrier.
Happiness for a little doggie is sleeping upside down...


  1. And for the big doggies too! I love walking in to find my two 72 lb+ babies with their tummies in the air! Makes me smile....your little baby does too! Vanna


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